dani b

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email [email protected] but remove all the numbers first please.

i am in love with music and the sun and petrichor and complex systems and strange things and cute things.

this is a pink and green website because ordinary “professional” personal websites are so boring, don’t you think?

i have done more sensible work (more on the back-end) at itv, itv news, skype in the classroom (now replaced with something worse), vinspired, (the now-sadly-defunct) composed (a classical music streaming app), v&a museum [humans.txt], the lion's share of a react native app called realist, and a bunch of other, less attractive things.

i am currently a software developer working for monzo, and previously made by many. i was hired to write go on the backend platform, and i still do quite a bit, but i also write (modern, ES2017+) javascript with flow and react for our internal tools. now i look after the “web platform” in general which is a bit of everything – especially web technologies as you might guess. but i’m up for anything really. i’m a big fan of functional languages and i can write haskell to a reasonably convincing level. i love learning and getting stuck into new things in general. i like writing tooling and making things run conveniently, neatly, and more-correctly. i’ve also written ruby, python, c, c++, vba, php, bash scripts, makefiles, crbasic, endless configuration files, and probably some other stuff too.